JYJ Album Showcase Tour presale tickets in Malaysia

Finally, it’s the time I’ve been waiting for. They finally revealed the presale tickets detail :)



DATE: OCTOBER 17, 2010
TIME: 2:00PM



Tickets can be purchased through online and local means.







TICKETING AGENT: FATDEALS (Website: – 24 hours ticket sale. PLEASE check out at the website for more info)





Also, WARNER MUSIC MALAYSIA will have a pre-sale of JYJ ALBUM “The Beginning” on the concert day. They will have open booth/counter during the event.

There will also be songs performance and game session.

For more event information please visit:


More info can be obtained from those links.

Please help spread this! Thank you so much ♥

Source: Redstar Present


p/s:::Im craving for the VIP tix. I want it so badly :(

But getting the tix itself is going to be tough. Pray for me so that i can get to see them. VIP tix is something that i cannot get myself through. I’m unpaid okay. My mum wouldn’t sponsor that much. Plus i never know when SS3 will be sold. I’m afraid they will sell it soon so i haven’t have any backup money. So, have to spent wisely on both coz i just love both :)



Saya dah dapat kerja :)

Salam semua :)

Ingat tak entri lepas saya? Yang INI?

You all semua nak tahu………….


SAYA DAH DAPAT KERJA :) (This is for real okay)

Tak kisah la kerja RA pun (Research Assistant), asalkan dapat cari pengalaman sikit :p

Sebenarnya saya tak apply pun untuk job ni, tapi Sunbae saya yang recommendkan job ni.

Tapi contract je lah. Maybe sampai habis projek. Projek apa saya pun tak ada idea lagi mengenai tu. Yang pastinya related ngn plant la.

Saya akan mula bekerja insyaAllah pada Isnin depan, 4 Oktober 2010 di PBIU (Plant Biotech Incubator Unit) University of Malaya~~~Chill

TQ kat semua yang dah komen kat previous post saya dan mendoakan saya cepat dapat kerja. Kamsamida :)

TQ jugak kat insan-insan yang dahfollow blog ni. Kadang-kadang tak sedar ada penambahan follower. Inform saya once you followed me. I’m gonna hit u back :)



Saya Perlukan Kerja!

Ya, perlu kerja..Mungkin sekarang sudah tiba masa untuk saya bekerja. Dua bulan berehat di rumah, mungkin dah cukup (walaupun sejujurnya saya suka duduk dirumah saja). Saya perlu bekerja kerana

1) Saya perlukan duit (ok, jujur saya nak duit sebab nak ke semua K-pop fan meetings, SS3 di S’pore & M’sia)

2) Saya tidak mahu digelar graduan tak laku (lol) padahal saya sangat memilih. Baru apply SPA (tu pun sebab wajib apply sebagai bukti lapor diri pada JPA)

3) Saya perlu ambil nafas baru didunia baru (dunia kerja).

4) Saya mahu gunakan kesemua pengalaman yang saya ada sepanjang belajar di UM. Saya nak buktikan graduan UM memang best :p

5) Saya mahu menjawab soalan2 makcik2 di surau yang suka bertanya. Mahu menjawab: Saya sudah bekerja :p

6) Saya sudah berusia 23. Perlu kerja, bukan cuma tahu mendownload drama Korea. lol

Cepat berikan saya kerja!

Resume saya: Perlulah baca disini okay :p

LOVE YOU ALL *^___________________^*


Realiti vs Illusi

Realiti: Sesuatu yang nyata pada zahir, berlaku dalam keadaan sedar, tiada penipuan khayalan

Ilusi: Sesuatu khayalan, suatu bentuk penipuan, bukan di alam nyata

Realiti walaupun pahit, ianya adalah nyata, sesuatu kepastian yang amat benar. Jika realiti itu indah, ianya sebuah kebahagiaan.

Illusi biarpun indah, cumalah sebuah harapan yang belum pasti nyatanya. Illusi ialah sebuah kegembiraan palsu

Hiduplah dalam realiti yang indah



Windows Live Journal: Experience A Convenient Way To Write Your Blog

I am a big fan of hurulaini. I always do my KD list checkup referring to her site. I  first came across the application ‘Windows Live Journal’ from her site saying that it is a friendly application and suggest to the readers. Then, I tried! It is a way better than writing in the ordinary post entry. You can write directly on your blog, you can see how your writing will appear on the blog, without having to click the preview which is quit annoying to me. Plus, it will take you just a second to insert photos, you can directly edit the photo right on the post, not like before where i have to edit the photo first then upload it. It really hits my patient. And well, if you have more than a blog, i highly recommend you to use this application because you don’t have to open tabs to manage your blogs. It is very much applicable to me. You have to experience by yourself to agree with me. I love to explore and try out new things, it really makes my life easier sometimes. Nope, most of the times. You guys should try out this :)

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No matter how brutal reality may be, we will not run from it.

Habits are frightening. When something becomes a habit, you take it for granted, and then there comes arrogance and prejudice. Once you grow used to seeing celebrities flashing their dazzling smiles at the camera, you'll scorn at any display of annoyance or irritation; once you grow used to seeing these people as your role models, you'll refuse to accept any inapt behavior. Once you've grown used to all of these things, reality becomes difficult to bear.

Scandal is scandal, it has no relation to truth whatsoever.

The one thing you cannot control in this world is the voice of the public. It may not be the voice of authority or the true voice of the majority. It is nothing more than a voice who claims to represent the majority.

Scandals are scandalous because we make them that way.

We see what we want to see and say what we want to say. The only place in this world where the 'truth' hold holds value is in the courts of justice. This is the kind of world we live in, 'truth' is a tool we use to achieve the things we want, and we'll toss it aside as soon as we're done.

It's true that what doesn't break you makes you stronger.

It would be a shame if anticipation became demand. You look up to and idolize those boys because they're everything you're not. You want them to be perfect, and that is exactly what they become to you. You want to be proud of them so that you can take pride in being a fan. You feel like their pride is no different from yours, and so you want them to do their very best in everything. And because you want them to do their very best, doing their best becomes an obligation that you demand them to fulfill.

Eventually being a 'fan' distorts into something else altogether.

It's the same as how the elderly take it for granted that people should offer their seats to them. It's an obligation, not a virtue.

When you play with children, it is your responsibility to feign defeat or to deal with their crying. It seems as though accepting defeat is not a trait of our nature. The root of this resentment is our tendency to compare. Everybody likes to compare. Comparison isn't such a bad thing, it's a means of putting your strengths and weaknesses into perspective. But when comparing morphs into competition, you'll be met with your destruction.

People who are unwilling to reveal their weaknesses and vulnerability seldom receive any sympathy. Just because someone doesn't wallow in self-pity doesn't mean that they're any more fortunate or any less deserving of sympathy. If you see someone fall or faint in the middle of a road, you'll walk over and help them up. But how about the people who pretend to have it easy? How about the people who silently overcome obstacle after obstacle, all the way until the end? How about the people who refuse to collapse until after they've completed their duty and have moved out of sight?

It all looks so easy when you're not the one living it.

We support because we approve and we approve because of the expectations we had to start with. People who work to satisfy expectations naturally receive support. Purity, cuteness and sexiness, these are things that we like and approve of. But what about them? The pressure of a comeback leave them with no choice.

When they don't approve of something, they'll just tell you 'I don't know' because that's really all there is to say. Nothing less, nothing more. If people demand an apology, well then that's what they'll get.

Sometimes simple gestures speak louder than the songs that they stay up at night to work on. But does that mean that they should give up writing songs and be satisfied with winning people over through mere fan service?

If they fall over and tell us they're okay, we'll forget about it and move on. If they're struggling to get to sleep but choose to stay up and compose anyway, we'll think nothing of it and move on. If they tell us they're okay, then there's no longer a need to fight and defend them. People move on.

This is the kind of world we live in: children who cry get the attention they want.

Do they really have to have a motive behind everything they do? When rumours of them being violent to their fans circulate, when they wear a few layers less of clothing, people jump to the conclusion that they do it to boost their popularity. Does it always have to come to that?

What is Dong Bang Shin Ki?
The love of our lives, the money making tool of large corporations, the dirt in the eyes of antis… But to our boys, they are nothing more than artistes It doesn't matter what other people think because they are living their dream The Dong Bang Shin Ki we see on stage is who they really are They're not smiling to please anyone, they are genuinely happy.

There's no way we'll ever live the same glamorous lives, and there's no way we'll ever understand the hardships they've endured. They are the stars in the sky, so far beyond our reach, and we're nothing more than fans who look up to them. But this is the path they chose and they'll keeping pushing forward through the storm So many things are beyond our control, but the one thing we can do is to stand by their side and to always keep the faith.

Full Credits to:

神起爵跡@TVXQBaidu Trans by: dorehh@DBSKnights 

Retrived from: DBSKnights

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Deactivating Facebook


Have you ever deactivated your Facebook account? I just thought of this today, i was thinking of deactivating my FB account, so i clicked the account button and clicked deactivate.

This is how the page will appear once you clicked deactivate


Owh, people will miss us if we deactivated our FB account. Isn’t it? Lol

Still thinking is it okay to deactivated FB account. reason for leaving may be

i) I don’t feel safe on Facebook

ii) I get too many emails, invitations, and requests from Facebook

iii) This is temporary. I’ll be back ;p


Don’t Be Sad

sad baby.thumbnail

Don’t be sad. Life is too short to pamper your sadness. As a human, yes sometimes you will no  matter what cannot control your sadness once it reaches it’s limit. But don’t be sad for something that will not last forever. You love someone, they’ll die one day, you cry for someone who left you, he/she will surely left you one day. If you love your money, bungalow and cars, you cannot bring them to graves. You loves the world, you’ll die one day. You love Allah, you get the greatest happiness you will never have. Don’t be sad. You worth happiness while living :)


Ujub membawa laknat

Ujub membawa kepada riak, kemudian takbur~~ Allah akan reject awal2 kalau sape2 yang dalam hati dia ada perasaan ujub, riak dan takbur. Usah meninggi diri. Kita cuma menumpang di bumi Allah. Kita cuma meminjam apa yang diizinkanNya

 Renungkan dan selamat beramal :)


Dulu tudung labuh, sekarang freehair

              Mesti ramai yang ada member species cmni kan..Dulu elok je pakai tudung, tapi sekarang dah bukak, mungkin sebab desakan dunia yang makin memerlukan semua tu. I tak kesah sangat kalau orang tu memang tak tau wajib tutup aurat (still ada ke cmtu, bkn ddk dlm hutan pun), ni yang sek agama pun buat mcm tu jugak. Tak faham la. Dah hilang mana semua pelajaran-pelajaran yang kita belajar dulu? I kat sek dulu memang tak baik cam setengah orang *tudung pun singkat, surau malas pg, solat kat bilik je, sk ponteng prep* (especially yg suka kutuk I) tapi at least bila dah kluar, I still maintain or else become better la dari dulu. Harap-harap Allah bagi petunjuk dan hidayah kat golongan ni. 

            I sgt benci dgr statement "Ala, watpe pakai tudung, yang pakai tudung pun buat maksiat, yang freehair plak baik je"~~~~~~Phew!! Hell u!!
Hukum Allah tak perlulah kita pertikaikan. At least bila pakai tudung, dah settle 1 perkara ngn Allah. Ingatlah, hubungn kita dgn Allah perlu dijaga. Kalau kita hilang rahmatNya, takde guna 1sen pun hidup kat dunia ni. 1 lagi, kalau freehair tu u all rasa makin nmpk cantik ke? Hadui..tak paham. Sebabkan kecantikan, sanggup freehair (bg I tak cantik pun freehair, sbb rambut tu je modal dia.keke)     

        Rasa terpanggil utk menulis benda ni. Makin ramai member yang freehair..Sek I dulu SMKA, bukan sek harian.Tht's y I sgt terkilan. Apa nak jadi dunia sekarang~~~~~~~~~~

p/s Dh nak kiamat.Bertaubatlah sebelum terlambat


30 Perkara Perempuan Tak Sempat Beritahu Lelaki

1. Bila sorang wanita mengatakan dia sedang bersedih,tetapi dia tidak menitiskan airmata,itu bermakna dia sedang menangis di dalam hatinya.

2. Bila dia tidak menghiraukan kamu selepas kamu menyakiti hatinya, lebih baik kamu beri dia masa untuk menenangkan hatinya semula sebelum kamu menegur dengan ucapan maaf.

3. Wanita sukar nak cari benda yang dia benci tentang orang yang paling dia sayang (sebab itu ramai wanita yang patah hati bila hubungan itu putus di tengah jalan).

4. Sekiranya sorang wanita jatuh cinta dengan sorang lelaki, lelaki itu akan sentiasa ada di fikirannya walaupun ketika dia sedang keluar dengan lelaki lain.

5. Bila lelaki yang dia suka dan cinta merenung tajam ke dalam matanya, dia akan cair seperti coklat!!

6. Wanita memang sukakan pujian tetapi selalu tidak tau macam mana nak menerima pujian.

7. Jika kamu tidak suka dengan gadis yang sukakan kamu separuh mati,tolak cintanya dengan lembut,jangan berkasar sebab ada satu semangat dalam diriwanita yang kamu tak akan tahu bila dia dah buat keputusan,dia akanlakukan apa saja.

8. Sekiranya sorang gadis mula menjauhkan diri darimu selepas kamu tolak cintanya,biarkan dia untuk seketika.Sekiranya kamu masih ingin menganggap dia sorang kawan,cubalah tegur dia perlahan-lahan.

9. Wanita suka meluahkan apa yang mereka rasa.Muzik,puisi,lukisan dan tulisan adalah cara termudah mereka meluahkan isi hati mereka.

10. Jangan sesekali beritahu perempuan yang mereka ni lansung tak berguna.

11. Bersikap terlalu serius boleh mematikan mood wanita.

12. Bila pertama kali lelaki yang dicintainya dalam diam memberikan respon positif,misalnya menghubunginya melalui telefon,si gadis akan bersikap acuh tak acuh seolah-olah tidak berminat,tetapi sebaik saja ganggang diletakkan,dia akan menjerit kesukaan dan tak sampai sepuluh minit,semua rakan-rakannya akan tahu berita tersebut.

13. Sekuntum senyuman memberi seribu erti bagi wanita.Jadi jangan senyum sebarangan.

14. Jika kamu menyukai sorang wanita,cubalah mulakan dengan persahabatan.Kemudian biarkan dia mengenalimu dengan lebih mendalam.

15. Jika sorang wanita memberi seribu satu alasan setiap kali kamu ajak keluar,tinggalkan dia sebab dia memang tak berminat denganmu.

16. Tetapi jika dalam masa yang sama dia menghubungimu atau menunggu panggilan darimu,teruskan usahamu untuk memikatnya.

17. Jangan sesekali mengagak apa yang dirasakannya.Tanya dia sendiri!!

18. Selepas sorang gadis jatuh cinta,dia akan sering tertanya-tanya kenapalah aku tak jumpa lelaki ini lebih awal.

19. Kalau kamu masih tercari-cari cara yang paling romantik untuk memikat hati sorang gadis,cubalah rajin-rajinkan tangan menyelak buku-buku cinta.

20. Bila setiap kali gambar kelas keluar,benda pertama yang dicari oleh wanita ialah siapa yang berdiri di sebelah buah hatinya,kemudian barulah dirinya sendiri.

21. Bekas teman lelaki akan sentiasa ada di fikirannya tetapi lelaki yang dicintainya sekarang akan berada di tempat teristimewa iaitu di hatinya!!

22. Satu ucapan 'Hi' sahaja sudah cukup menceriakan harinya.

23. Teman baiknya saja yang tahu apa yang sedang dia rasa dan lalui.

24. Wanita paling benci lelaki yang berbaik-baik dengan mereka semata-mata nak tackle kawan mereka yang paling cantik.

25. Cinta bermaksud kesetiaan, ambil berat, jujur dan kebahagiaan tanpa sebarang kompromi.

26. Semua wanita mahukan sorang lelaki yang cintakan mereka sepenuh hati..

27. Senjata wanita adalah airmata!!

28. Wanita suka jika sesekali orang yang disayanginya mengadakan surprise buatnya(hadiah,bunga atau sekadar kad ucapan romantis).Mereka akan rasa terharu dan merasakan bahawa dirinya dicintai setulus hati.Dengan i! ni dia tak akan ragu-ragu terhadapmu.

29. Wanita mudah jatuh hati pada lelaki yang ambil berat tentang mereka dan baik terhadapnya.So,kalau nak memikat wanita pandai-pandailah...

30. Sebenarnya mudah mengambil hati wanita kerana apa yang dia mahu hanyalah perasaan dicintai dan disayangi sepenuh jiwa

Notes ini diambil dari Facebook Cik Mas Mona. Full credits to her.


Korean Pop Night Concert 2010

23 OCTOBER 2010

  • D-NA

Cat 1 Standing Pit S$ 258.00 - 1,500 available
Cat 1 Seated S$ 258.00 - 1,800 available
Cat 2 Seated S$ 218.00 - 2,200 available
Cat 3 Seated S$ 168.00 - 1,100 available
Cat 4 Seated S$118.00 - 1,600 available

Prices are NETT

Free standing for Cat 1 Standing Pit

Seated Cats are numbered seats

Seat selection available for Seated Cats

700 Cat 3 tickets are elevated

1,000 Cat 4 tickets are elevated

Seat Plan will be posted on Facebook on Thursday 02 Sept at 12 noon

Venue measurements will be indicated on the Seat Plan layout

Capacity 8,500

At HMV 313 @ Somerset

On Saturday 04 Sept and Sunday 05 Sept
Ticket sales starts for Cat 1 Standing Pit / Cat 1 Seated / Cat 2 Seated

On Monday 06 Sept onwards
Ticket sales starts for all remaining Cat 1 / Cat 2 and Cat 3 Seated / Cat 4 Seated

Ticket sales will be available till 23 October 2010. While stocks last.

Maximium 10 tickets per transaction

Payment by Cash, Credit Card and NETS

HMV 313 @ Somerset Opening Hours:
Saturdays 10AM - 11PM
Sundays 10AM - 10PM
Mondays to Fridays 10AM - 10PM

Min. 2 hrs

1.  No reservations and pre-orders are accepted.

2. No tickets has been sold as yet. All tickets will be sold to public from Saturday 04 Sept onwards.

3. As of today, no one has the physcial ticket on-hand. All rumours are untrue. Please ask for photo proof.

4. Performance time for each band varies.

5. There will be not be any fan meeting and/or fan sign.

6. For wheelchair access, please contact us via Facebook message.

For enquiries, please email us at

Thank you!

Full credits to: Korean Pop Night Concert


Do not listen to SHINee Lucifer anymore!

Owh this is seriously bad. I had been listening to this songs for quite a time without even searching for the meanings! Here is the translation of the song, "Lucifer" by SHINee

Even if I try to avoid you, I can’t find a place to hide
I’m trapped by you, who I can’t even deny
If it was love, if you really loved me, don’t do this to me
Her whisper is the Lucifer
*If you tie me down and trap me
Then the love is also tied down
The future is also tied down
It can’t grow anymore
Freely empty yourself and look at me
I’ll fill you only, I’ll completely fill you only
Your undeniable spell is the Lucifer
Your undeniable magic is the Lucifer
When I approach you
With your angelic face
Say the reason you live is for me
Say it
When I first saw you, I stopped for a short time
As if someone was tightly seizing my heart, not letting it go (Still)
You took all, all, all, all, all, all of my heart just like that
You make my heart burn out when you’re not here
*If you tie me down and trap me
Then the love is also tied down
The future is also tied down
It can’t grow anymore
Freely empty yourself and look at me
I’ll fill you only, I’ll completely fill you only
Loverholic, robotronic, loverholic, robotronic
The love stories I shared with you
You look towards the same places I do
When we feel that we can’t get any more perfect
Only stare at me, you want me more, more, more, more, more, more
Only look at me, you’re the center of everything, thing, thing, thing, thing, thing
Since before, something has been wrong, you’ve been weird
The love I knew left my side, one by one
All I have is you
*If you tie me down and trap me
Then the love is also tied down
The future is also tied down
It can’t grow anymore
Freely empty yourself and look at me
I’ll fill you only, I’ll completely fill you only
I feel like I’ve become a clown trapped in a glass castle
I dance for you, who will never be satisfied
You look into me openly, touching my brain
I think I’ve become a fool
I think I’m only getting more and more attracted to you
Loverholic, robotronic, loverholic, robotronic
It’s not that I hate you or that I dislike you
It’s just that kind of stare is a burden is all
I’m not going anywhere
I’ve waited like this by only looking at you
Your stare captures me
As the days went by, it became sharper
I’m tired of your obsession
I’ve been cut a lot, my heart is bleeding
When it’s about time for me to pass out
She comes to me like an angel, saying “I love you”
Even though I knew it was really you
You really confused me
*If you tie me down and trap me
Then the love is also tied down
The future is also tied down
It can’t grow anymore
Freely empty yourself and look at me
I’ll fill you only, I’ll completely fill you only
I feel like I’ve become a clown trapped in a glass castle
Leave me alone, when I’m free, I’ll be able to truly love you
Leave me alone, don’t make me sick of you
So I can truly look at you
If you tie me down and trap me
Then love is also tied down
The future is also tied down
It can’t grow anymore
Loverholic, robotronic, loverholic, robotronic
Your undeniable spell is the Lucifer
Credit:kimchi hana @

I never know what Lucifer means until yesterday, i tried to figure out the real meaning. I do the googling and nahh...i'm freaking shocked!
Lucifer is SATAN! omg..what am i listening to..I immediately deleted the MV from my playlist and from my laptop. It's my fault for not downloading the MV with translation. I was kinda eager to listen to their new song as i even forgot to search the lyrics. I found many topics about Lucifer, most of them from Christian view. I'm not going to discuss about their view anyway. I found in wikipedia, the Islamic point of view on Lucifer. Let's have a look:

Islamic point of view

According to the Qur'an, Iblis (the Arabic name used) disobeyed an order from Allah to bow to Adam and as a result was forced out of heaven and given respite until the day of judgment from further punishment.
When Allah commanded all of the angels to bow down before Adam (the first Human), Iblis, full of hubris and jealousy, refused to obey Allah's command (he could do so because, as a jinn, he had free will), seeing Adam as being inferior in creation due to his being created from clay as compared to him (created of fire).
"It is We Who created you and gave you shape; then We bade the angels prostrate to Adam, and they prostrate; not so Iblis (Lucifer); He refused to be of those who prostrate."
(Allah) said: "What prevented thee from prostrating when I commanded thee?" He said: "I am better than he: Thou didst create me from fire, and him from clay."
Qur'an 7:11–12
It was after this that the title of "Shaitan" was given, which can be roughly translated as "Mischievous" or "Devil". Shaitan then claims that if the punishment for his act of disobedience is to be delayed until the Day of Judgment, that he will divert many of Adam's own descendants from the straight path during his period of respite.Allah accepts the claims of Iblis and guarantees recompense to Iblis and his followers in the form of Hellfire. To test mankind and jinn alike, Allah allowed Iblis to roam the Earth to attempt to convert others away from his path.He was sent to Earth along with Adam and Eve, after eventually luring them into eating the fruit from the forbidden tree.

See the real Lucifer is whom?? And see the lyrics as well.

Your undeniable spell is the Lucifer
Your undeniable magic is the Lucifer
When I approach you
With your angelic face
Say the reason you live is for me
Say it
The reason i live is not for Lucifer, never ever!!

OMG..i stop listening to this................i don't care it's SHINee or whoever. I don't care it's Minho or whom. I just don't want to hear it anymore! Bottomline